Owners / Landlords

Search roof an only online user friendly rental platform to be started in Mysore with a motive to help the owners find a right tenant of your choice.

We are sure you might have had bad experiences with the brokers/middlemen. Be it paying a hefty amount to the broker or be it disturbing your time schedule or you might have also faced that the brokers don’t let you put the To-Let board near the home you rent and the list goes on and you cannot find a solution to the problems you are facing with brokers and with no choice you bend to their demands. But with Search roof we offer you a vast range of services which would be irresistible for you to decline. Have a look at the below points and you will understand how Search Roof is helpful for you.

Our services to the Owners: -

  • List your Ad’s @ 99 cost.

  • We will give you the exclusivity of micro site for your Ad.

  • We give exclusivity to each owner by clicking the photographs of your home (in case you do not have a photo).

  • To make your work easier we will give a modernly designed To-Let boards with bar code scanner.

  • Get in touch with real and genuine Tenants.

  • The tenants we directly contact you and you can fix up a time to meet and show the house to them directly rather than disturbing your schedule or giving key to someone else.

  • Our social media experts will promote your Ad’s in various Social Media Platforms.

  • Also once you contact us our executives will call you back for the full details of your Ad.

We are a friendly people to talk to so we are available through and on various social media platforms.

You can mail us to info@searchroof.com or can call us on 8553434665. We are also available on WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, and Twitter.


Search roof a platform where you find your space without paying any brokerage to anyone. An easy way to window shop houses sitting at the comfort of your couch.

Search roof’s rental platform gives you a complete insight about a property you are searching for. Searching a roof for yourselves now becomes even easier, as you get in touch with direct owners through searchroof.com.

See below to know how we can help you.

  • We believe in first come first basis and we make sure you get the best of our rental platform a place which would fit you and your requirements.

  • We bring you homes from all over the Mysore so that you can relax at home and search a home for you sitting at the comfort of your couch and during your weekends explore the beauty of Mysore rather than roaming and searching a home.

  • Search roof gets you all the details of a house along with photographs personally clicked by our photographers.

  • You get a chance to directly interact with the owners rather than brokers.

  • We make sure to verify the listed house in search roof with many ways to verify to be a owner rather than a broker.

  • We not only present all the details about the house but also give you full details about the location and the available amenities nearby.

  • As a part of our promotion activity we are giving our goody’s for the first 100 people who get a roof through search roof.

Hence, the above lists are more than enough for you to trust us and start shopping for your dream space.

Happy Hunting.